Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mother of the year!

Every other Tuesday Grace attends a "Faith in God" activity at the church. It's for the girls ages 8-11. They get together and make goals and have activities. She really enjoys it. This week they got done with their activity early so the girls were just running around in the gym. Appearantly, Grace was racing some of the other girls from one end of the gym to the other and slipped because she was wearing flip flops. She reach out for the wall to stop herself from hitting it and bent her wrist back. My friend LaRae brought her home and explained what happened. Grace could wiggle her fingers and roll her wrist without too much problems so we (Mike, me, Julie and Micah) felt that it was probably bruised or sprained. I sent her to school the next day and the next day and the next (count 'em....that's three days). I even made her do a cartwheel the day that she was supposed to have gymnastics to make sure that she really couldn't participate. She was still really "babying" her arm after THREE days so both Mike and Micah (he is our friend who is a flight doctor) said that I should probably take her into the doctor for an x-ray. So, on Friday after school I took her in. They took the film and WHAT???? A buckle fracture of the radius and ulna. I am probably the best mom on the planet! I made the poor girl walk around with a broken arm for three days. She was super excited to get a cast though.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What am I gonna do with that kid?

Oh my sweet, mischievious Tyler! That's who I'm talkin' about, who else? My dear friend Julie Bahr is coming to visit next week and I really wanted the upstairs bathroom to be all painted and cute when she got here. But, Mike is out of town enjoying some "man" time. So, I decided to paint the bathroom myself. Jaike was down for a nap and the kids were all in quiet time. Well, of coarse by the time I was about done, all the kids were out of quiet time and Jaike was awake. I was finishing up the second coat of paint on the last wall and Emi says, "Mom, Tyler poured red juice all over Indiana (the dog). I took a deep breath and went downstairs hoping that the red juice incident took place outside. Lucky for Tyler, it did! But, my poor dog was all red as well as Tyler and my back porch. I couldn't really let Tyler in the house because his feet were all red and I couldn't clean him off because I had 75 seconds of painting left. I guess I could have stopped and cleaned him off but I didn't. Anyway, I locked him outside until I could deal with him, which was probably about 5 mintues. He stood at the back window and cried the whole time. I wish I had a picture of the red mess but I was too mad to stop and find the camera. Seriously, Tyler gets into these kinds of messes all of the time, huh Julie (purple glitter glue)? What the heck do I do with this kid? So basically, I have decided that this is all Julie's fault. Don't you think? If she wasn't coming to town and I wasn't so worried about having a cute house for her, none of this would have happened.