Saturday, September 27, 2008

Close ups

I need new pictures of all my kids to hang on my family room wall. The one that's up there of Tyler right now is from when he was two and a half. The one's of the girls are from school the year that we lived in Oklahoma and the one of Jaike is from last summer. Mike took these ones for me last weekend. Now I just have to decide if they are "wall worthy." Here's the one problem that I see.....everybody is naked except for Grace. Can you tell? And what the heck is in Jaike's hair? It looks like a piece of rice. When Mike was taking these I didn't notice anything in his hair. I wonder if it's a reflection or something. Of coarse, I am NOT hanging the one of the dog on the wall. That's just dumb.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

That darn dog!

As much as I curse our dog, he really is a good dog. Everytime I turn around, someone (usually Jaike) is laying on top of that poor animal. He tolerates it very well. The kids really do love him a lot. So, I guess we'll have to keep that darn dog around for awhile.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have been eyeballing these tables out of the Pottery Barn catalog for months but of coarse I couldn't afford to buy them. I asked Mike to make them for me but knew that he probably wouldn't because he doesn't have a ton of spare time on his hands these days. While I was in Oregon Mike went on a rotation that gave him some more time at home than he was used to since his entire family was gone on vacation he used his spare time to make me these tables. There are actually two end tables but I didn't think that you needed to see a picture of both of them since they look exactly the same. Fun huh? Thanks Mike!!